Windows Game Loading Problems

Gaming PCGamers have an interesting appetite to all kinds of games being developed, but they can get irritated when they experience game loading issues when they want to compete on a game.

These issues can be experienced in different ways; they can experience it when launching a game on their Windows computer, they can get “.Net Framework or DLL files missing” error messages, and they can experience issues in game launching right after installing it.

If these error messages keep popping up when gamers want to play their PC games on their Windows computing devices, there are a few steps that we are going to look at that will help to counter these problems.

Reasons behind the inability of loading games on the PC?

The most common reason why games don’t load is that PC’s are missing particular game components that result in the loading failure.

When critical parts of a game are missing, then launching the game will be difficult.

For instance, if the .Net Framework which is responsible for building most Windows games is missing, or the right one is not installed, or if the file is uninstalled by accident, then the game will fail to load.

Game IconFixing options for game loading issues

We are going to look at three methods in which gamers can fix the game loading issues on the Windows computers. The main components that players need to remember are the following: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, Microsoft .Net Framework and Microsoft DirectX.

1st Method
Microsoft .Net Framework is an important component when it comes to Windows games. There are latest versions of the .Net Framework that are released by Microsoft to make the gaming experience much better. Depending on the game being installed, classic games will need the older versions of Microsoft .Net Framework to load. In case the latest Microsoft .Net Framework is installed, and the error message of .net Framework still displays; then gamers will have to manually .Net Framework Windows Feature. The latest updates from .Net Framework can be checked from the company’s website.

2nd Method
Among the components required in gaming, Microsoft DirectX is an application programming interface that is responsible for multimedia enhancement in the gaming experience. It is responsible for the creation of graphic images and effects in different platforms, e.g., active web pages, video, and games. There are gamers who prefer to install the latest versions of DirectX to avoid installing the older versions. But most importantly, understanding the needs of the particular game one wants to play comes first.

For instance, some people prefer installing the latest DirectX which does not support some games. Games such as Far Cry or Portal 2 work well with DirectX9 support. So, instead of installing the latest DirectX, get the right one for the game.

3rd Method
Microsoft Visual C++ also known as VC++ is an IDE tool that is used in the development of applications in C++, CLI/C++ programming languages. VC++ redistributable is a library whose framework is used in some applications that are developed using Microsoft Visual C++. When the computer’s Programs and Features are checked, gamers will notice a lot of Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable. If one of these components is removed, then a game that is dependent on the specific redistributable will not launch, and an error message such as “The program can’t start because MSVCR***.dll does not exist in the computer. To fix this issues, reinstalling the program can be a great option.

If a new Windows 64-bit computer is setup to play classic games on it, the gamer will have to install a 32-bit Visual C++. The good thing is that the packages are small in size, therefore, worrying about the disk usage is not an issue. Good gaming experiences on Windows 64-bit are seen when the loading of the games is smooth; this can be done once the following redistributable packages of Microsoft Visual C++ and .Net Framework are installed:

  • Visual C++ 2012 – 11.0.61030/2013 – 12.0.21005 Redistributable (x86)
  • Visual C++ 2012 -11.0.61030/2013 -12.0.21005 Redistributable (x64)
  • Visual C++ 2010 x86/x64-10.0.30319 Redistributable
  • .Net Framework 4.5.2
  • Visual C++ 2005 (x64)
  • Visual C++ 2008 9.0.30729.6161 x86

When the error messages of files missing during the game loading process are received, a gamer should go to the official Microsoft site and download the file that is missing.

Alternatively, Driver Turbo  can be used for downloading and updating game components like the .Net Framework, DirectX, and Visual C++.  Additionally, downloading and installing the latest AMD or NVIDIA graphic drivers can be accomplished.

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