Fix Driver Power State Failure

Driver power state failure, more commonly known as the “blue screen of death” or as error 0x0000009F which will display on the PC, occurs only every once in a while. However, when it does happen it needs to be dealt with carefully and promptly. This is for the simple reason that the user will not have any access to their computer whatsoever until it is fixed.

Driver Power State Failure

Windows Driver Power State Failure – BlueScreen Error 0x0000009F

This type of failure happens when the computer goes into sleep mode while it is being used. When things are working well Windows should send the “wake up” signal. If the computer takes a long time to respond or not at all, Windows will flag it and mark it as a Driver Power State Failure.

Common causes of Driver Power State Failure

This type of failure can be caused by several reasons. In most situations, it is caused by power setting issues or driver issues. When it is a driver issue then it is because it is either outdated or incompatible with the current Windows operating system. In fact, the two most common failures are Wi-Fi drivers and graphics drivers.


Once the computer is rebooted, go into safe mode. The way to do this will be slightly different depending on your Windows operating system. Therefore, check and make sure what the method is before attempting the following instructions, which is for Windows 10.

1. In control panel, select Hardware, Sound and Device Manager
2. Select appropriate network Adapter and Display Adapter
3. Then right click “update driver software and search automatically”
4. Reboot computer

If the above instructions do not work then the user will have to turn off power saving.

The steps are as follows:

1. From Control Panel go to Hardware, Sound and Power options
2. Click Change Power Settings
3. Click Advance Power Settings
4. Click Change Settings Currently Unavailable
5. Set PCI Express and Link State Power Management to Maximum
6. Set Wireless Adapter to Maximum Performance
7. Reboot computer

One of these two methods should take care of Driver Power State Failure issues for Windows 10.
The above instructions are to be done if there is no trouble in getting into safe mode.

In some cases, the computer may not go into safe mode, in which case it will have to be done through Recovery Environment, RE for short. The way to do this is by pressing and holding the power button until the logo appears on the screen. Continue to hold down on the power button or until it shuts down again. Do this for three times and by the third time, Windows will run in RE mode. In this mode select Troubleshoot, Advanced, Start up, and safe mode.

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