What is a Printer Driver?

Printer Device DriverA printer driver is exactly the same as a device driver with the addition that the printer driver also has at least a couple of programs to help you manage the printer and maybe even edit some of the things you want to print.

Basically, you can see the printer driver as a complete printing package that includes a device driver for your printer as well.

In most cases, a printer driver package, download or cd-rom will be supplied with your printer 99 percent of the time. If you open the program with your new printer at home and realize your printer device driver is missing, you can easily find one online by accessing the manufacturer’s site or simply download Driver Trubo. You should be able to find an updated version, so be sure to check that.

The printer driver has also received another very important task in recent years. The printer uses ink cartridges and the user needs to know how much ink there is left in those cartridges.

Your computer pick ups information from some sensors in the cartridges and sends this information to the software application letting the user know if he can still print the needed sheets of paper.

In addition, it also makes the printing job a lot more economical by telling the printer exactly what to print and how much ink in to use.

Finally, it is again very important to check for updates and try to install the new versions of printer drivers as often as these are released. Also, try renewing the printer driver each time you change the cartridges just to make sure that everything is working just fine. By installing the driver again, even if it isn’t a new version, helps it read the amount o ink in the cartridges correctly.

Fix Printer Drivers