Vista Drivers

Vista was not the most successful operating system from Microsoft. In fact, in all their history as operating system developers, Vista was the only one that really failed. A lot of people jumped from XP directly to Windows 7 because of the many problems Vista caused, especially to older systems. It was established that the Vista drivers were the ones to cause all these issues, so let’s see why that was.

First of all, a lot of people have said that Vista was released too early and it had not gone through proper testing periods in order to cure any major issues.

Secondly, the hardware manufacturers didn’t get the chance to develop proper drivers for Vista, mostly because Microsoft did not provide with a stable enough platform. Hardware manufacturers gave it their best, but their best was not enough, and Vista drivers were Windows XP ported drivers.

This obviously didn’t work for a lot of people and components. It wasn’t really an issue of not working properly, but personally I saw at least a 25 percent decrease in performance when I gave Vista a try. Since I didn’t have a very powerful system to start with, such a performance degradation was definitely not acceptable. I would imagine that his was the case for a lot of people.

Vista drivers are not very good even today, after more than 4 years since the operating system was released. This is why I am still using Windows XP because comparing it to Windows 7 and Vista, it is still the best ever made by Microsoft.

It is easy on the resources, the drivers are stable enough to not cause any problems and it is a lot cheaper as well. Finally, Windows 7 can be called a better option if you have a powerful system.