Find the right Windows 8 Drivers

 Windows 8 DriversWindows 8 is one of the biggest updates that Microsoft have made to their operating system ever since they advanced from DOS to Windows 95. As with all huge updates like this, it is likely that you are going to encounter bugs from time to time, especially if your computer wasn’t a new-build where Windows 8 came pre-installed.

These errors are most likely going to be down to incompatible drivers, don’t worry though, fixing the problem is going to be easy.

What are Windows 8 Drivers?

So what are drivers? Well, without getting technical, it is a small piece of software which enables your hardware to communicate with the rest of your computer. Of course, due to the newness of the system, not a lot of hardware is actually compatible with Windows 8 yet due to errors in the driver.

Now, the hardware may work, but you will probably be dealing with a lot of problems more often than not. If you have installed Windows 8 on your system then you are going to need to update each and every driver from scratch.

Common Windows 8 Driver Problems

What problems can be caused when you don’t have the correct drivers? Well, a whole host of them to be honest. One of the most common is a crash of your computer. This often occurs when the driver software is unable to process a particular instruction. In some cases you may find that the device doesn’t work at all – resulting in a device error message.

Update Your Windows 8 Drivers

If you have incompatible drivers then you have only one solution. That is to head online and find the right ones for your computer. If you need to install everything again then make a list of the specific names of the hardware that you have, do not be generic!

If the issue is with just one piece of hardware then make a note of that. Your job is to find each and every driver online. Please bear in mind that you are going to need to get the right one for your version of Windows 8.

Remember, both 64 bit and 32 bit versions are going to require something completely different.

Install Windows 8 Drivers

Hopefully by now you will have located the right drivers. So now you have to install them. Each of them have different installation instructions, some may be a .exe file, others may need to be installed through your control panel. This is going to be a rather lengthy process.

As I mentioned previously, it is important that you only install the correct drivers, otherwise this is going to cause problems. Even the experts in the computer industry have difficulty finding the drivers that they need.

This is why we suggest you use Driver Turbo. This brilliant driver update tool searches for the exact drivers that you need and it even installs them for you! This means that you don’t have to run the risk of messing up your computer beyond repair.

Why not download it today and try it out? We are sure you will love it!

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