Update Device Drivers

You’ll need to be sure that your computer’s hardware devices get updated from time to time. A majority of problems that you face with your computer may be resolved once you update your device driver.

Reasons to get the latest drivers in place have been discussed below:

  • BIOS updates
  • CD or DVD drive drivers and firmware
  • Controllers
  • Display drivers
  • Keyboard drivers
  • Mouse drivers
  • Modem drivers
  • Motherboard drivers and updates
  • Network card drivers
  • Printer drivers
  • Removable media drivers
  • Scanner drivers
  • Sound card drivers
  • Video drivers

BIOS updates

In the event you feel that your computer is not performing at its best or when you’re experiencing compatibility issues with the hardware, then the BIOS updates of your system should be run. In order to know whether you have the options to obtain BIOS updates for the motherboard or what such updates will fix, you’ll need t visit the motherboard manufacturer page or the computer manufacturer page.

DVD or CD drive drivers and firmware

The compatibility and performance of your drive can be improved by updating drivers for devices like DVD, CD-RW, CD-R, CD-ROM and other CD device. You’ll also find firmware updates for CD drives available with certain manufacturers.

Display drivers

Your operating system should be able to set up and detect your display devices automatically (e.g. flat panel or a computer monitor), unlike rest of the hardware devices.

Keyboard drivers

Your operating system should be able to set up your keyboard without any drivers unless your keyboard bears unique function buttons e.g. Internet button, e-mail button etc.

Mouse drivers

Your operating system should be able to set up your mouse automatically and you won’t require any drivers unless you’re using a different mouse that exhibits unique features or buttons unlike a standard two-button mouse.

Modem drivers

The speed of your modem along with its reliability can be improved by updating your computer modem drivers. Firmware updates that upgrade your modem to match the new standards e.g. V.90 are available with certain modem manufacturers. It also helps to resolve certain hardware issues with your modem.

Motherboard drivers, firmware, and updates

The performance, reliability and compatibility of hardware and the motherboard placed in your system can be ensured by updating your system motherboard or its chipset drivers. A list of links for motherboard chipset drivers are shown in the motherboard driver’s page along with links to various manufacturers’ drivers-pages.

Network card drivers

The network card in your computer will certainly be more reliable once you install the latest drivers. It is advisable that you update your drivers without wasting much time.

Printer drivers

Compatibility or reliability of your printer will be enhanced once you install or update the latest drivers for your printer. Your printer drivers-page will depict a list of such printer drivers.

Updating your drivers will not only bring about an overall improvement in terms of your system’s performance, but will also add to the stability of your system and hardware devices.