Hewlett Packard Printer Driver Update

 Hewlett Packard Printer Driver Update

Hewlett Packard Printer

HP printers are some of the worlds best sold printers, so this means that you can find updated drivers a lot easier and faster than you would with other brands. However, deciding when to update your HP drivers is a thing that you should know a bit more about.

First of all, because your printer is not a hardware component that directly influences stability and performance of your system, you don’t have to update the drivers as regularly as motherboard drivers or graphics cards drivers.

However, it is recommended that you update the drivers to the latest version when you first install the printer, even if you probably have a CD with drivers provided with the printer.

This CD usually contains a very old set of drivers because it has probably been on the shelf for the last couple of months. So, make sure that when you first install the printer you also download the latest driver version from the HP site.

Secondly, it is also stated and advised that you should update the drivers when you change the cartridges. You will probably change the cartridges once every couple of months, so the HP drivers should be updated in the same time frame. You will not need to update them any sooner than that.

Of course, if you have the time, you can always simply check the HP on a weekly basis and update the drivers every time they provide with a new version. This is not a bad thing, quite the contrary. However, it is not necessary in the case of a printer. All you need to do is make sure that the regular 2-3 month maintenance period includes an updated set of HP drivers as well in order to be sure that the printer works normally and to its’ best capacity.

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