Direct3D Device Driver Problems

Direct3D Device Driver ProblemsIn order to generate 3D Graphics within the Windows Operating System, a function known as Direct3D needs to be activated on the computer.

This feature has come as standard on Windows since Windows 95, and thus if you are having Direct3D Device Driver Problems then you have a big problem to deal with. Let me walk you through how you can solve it.

Often, the error will be centralized to one game. The first thing you should do is update DirectX. In fact; you should be doing this on a regular basis anyway. Once this is done, check if the game works. If not, you will need to access the Diagnostic Panel.

Access Your Diagnostic Panel

To open up the Diagnostic Panel click the ‘Start’ button, and then ‘Run’. Type in dxdiag.exe. It will then ask you to ‘digitally sign’ your drivers. Select ‘Yes’.

The first thing you are going to need to check is whether DirectX 3D is turned on. To do this, open up the display tab in the diagnostic tool and look at DirectX Features.

This will indicate whether it is turned on or not. If it isn’t, then you will need to enable it. If it is enabled and you are still suffering from problems then you will need to look into other solutions, one of those being an update of your computer drivers.

Update Your Direct3D Device Driver

In most cases, installing updated drivers is going to be your best bet for solving Direct3D Device Driver Problems. This because in a lot of cases glitches in the original driver software have now come to light and for some reason is not allowing Windows to recognize your device as a Direct3D Device (even though it should do).

Don’t worry though, software developers are normally at the top of their game and would have released an updated version already.

Now, there are two ways that you can go about installing updated drivers for your device:

  1. The first is to install new drivers manually. To do this you will need to identify the exact device that is having a problem. Going to the manufacturer’s website and downloading the exact driver for your computer and then following the instructions to install it.
  2. The second option is to use a driver software called ‘Driver Turbo’ which will do all of this for you.

I always recommend the second option as the first option not only takes time, but a lot can go wrong with it. For example, if you download the wrong driver to begin with, then it can actually make the problem far worse (and more difficult to solve), and believe me when I say that finding the right drivers isn’t easy.

With Driver Turbo it will find the exact things you need in double quick time and then install them. Absolutely no hassle involved. Whichever solution you use however, both should hopefully solve all your “Can not find the Direct3D Device problems” once and for all.

Fix Direct3D Device Driver Problems