Why You Need Daily Computer Maintenance

Computer MaintenanceIf you want to keep your computer in tip top condition then it is vital that you engage in regular computer maintenance. Not just on a weekly or monthly basis either. You are going to want to do it on a daily basis. Let us explain why.

Most Computer Problems Are Preventable

Very few people realize this. The majority of problems that you are EVER going to have to deal with on your computer are actually preventable. Sure, there are a couple of problems that will slip through the cracks from time to time and appear with almost no warning, but these situations are rare.

Any computer problems, whether it is related to hardware or the software side, are 100% preventable.

The main issue with software is that people never update it when they are told to do so. This means that they are opening themselves up to all sorts of problems. Remember, software is not asking for you to update it simply because it wants attention. It is asking you to update it because the developers have either patched a security hole in the software, or in most cases they have fixed a glitch which improves the way in which the system runs.

On the hardware side, as you may know, every single piece of hardware on your computer has “device drivers” behind it. These drivers are designed to tell the operating system EXACTLY what a particular piece of hardware is meant to do. From time to time they become corrupted. You may not notice at first.

However, eventually you are going to have to start to deal with those deadly blue screens of death, which are not going to be fun to say the least. In addition to this, from time to time you may find that your computer does not boot at all. This is NOT going to be fun. You are going to wish that you dealt with the problem far sooner, and it is a problem which is actually quite easy to deal with in the first instance.

Hard Drive Health

Hard DriveYour hard drive is where you store absolutely everything on your computer. Problems with the hard drive can either lead to a loss of data, or in some cases could cause the computer to run slowly (this case is more common, hard drives nowadays are VERY difficult to break).

If your computer is running slow then it is likely that your hard drive is not in the best possible shape.

You constantly need to keep an eye on the amount of storage space that you have left on your hard drive. This means checking not only when you install a new piece of software. Many people do not realize that new information is being saved to your computer all of the time. The vast majority of pieces of software will create temporary files when you run them. In most cases these temporary files will clear themselves.

However in some situations they may form a permanent home on your computer. These will take up a LOT of space. The more space taken up on your computer, the slower it is going to run. There are a number of pieces of software out there which will enable you to deal with this problem quickly and easily.

In addition to this you are going to want to run a disk defragmentation on your computer from time to time. This is because as your computer gets older, different files related to the same program will have a different ‘save location’ on your computer. Before they run they will have to piece together all of the software pieces in order to work. This is going to make your computer slow. Carry out a disk defragment once a week at the minimum and you will notice a speed increase quite quickly.

Most Problems Can be Spotted in Advance

Almost every computer on your problem will have warning signs. If you engage in regular computer maintenance then you will be learn how to spot these problems and deal with them before they become a serious issue. This is mainly related to the first point. However, if you ever notice a problem with your computer then carry out a quick Google search and you will get the answer to all of your problems. As we mentioned before, it is much easier to deal with a problem early than wait until it becomes much larger.

Deal with Malicious Files Quickly

Malicious FilesThe internet is a dangerous place. No matter how hard you try, it is likely that your computer will download a malicious file from time to time which can cause complete havoc on your computer. If you wait a couple of days to deal with these files then it is too late.

Viruses, malware, and spyware are incredibly sophisticated nowadays. They can steal your banking details and other personal information instantly. If you run a scan of your computer at least once a day then you are going to be eliminating most of the risk.

Remember, just like every other piece of software you own, it is important to download the latest additions to the scanning software as soon as they are available. This will make it far easier to deal with the problem.

This is of course just a very brief guide as to why you would want daily computer maintenance. With Driver Turbo in place it should not be too difficult to do anyway. Remember, keeping the health of your computer in ‘check’ will ensure that it runs fast and remains a safe environment for you to deal with your work and personal activities. It also ensures that you are going to get many years of happy life out of it!

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