AMD and Nvidia Windows Certification

Windows 8 is priming itself to come out soon and is aimed at completely altering the way you look at the Windows operating system.

For years, the operating system has been rather sluggish, essentially basing itself on the previous Windows 95 version. Although upgrades have been abundant to the operating system, it still is just a stylish relative of this previous version.

Motion control and touch based selection features have been few and far between, which has resulted in its lagging behind the Mac operating system, which has fully integrated it touch mouse pad in the control of the operating system. Due to this, Windows 8 is set to completely change the way you use and look at the PC. Of course, two of the most often used graphic cards inside Windows computers are AMD and Nvidia.

Updated AMD & Nvidia Video Card Driver for Windows 8

These video graphic cards are Windows certified and are able to run inside the more powerful operating system. Naturally, whether you are installing the new OS onto your current computer, or are purchasing a new Windows 8 system and want to upgrade the video graphics card, you need to install the necessary AMD drivers and Nvidia drivers.

Windows 8 drivers are available via download over the Internet, as these update drivers are free for you to use and install onto the computer, you just have to install the content yourself.

To update your video card driver, simply navigate to either the AMD or Nvidia website and download the drivers for your new Windows 8 computer (Windows and these companies are working together to ensure the drivers are available in time for the OS launch), and allow the driver to install onto the computer.

It can take some time to install the drivers manually onto the computer but once installed, you’re ready to begin using the improved graphics card on your improved Windows computer.

If you want to save time and update all of your device drivers automatically you can also use Driver Turbo. Driver Turbo installs and updates your complete system automatically with video drivers that are 100% specific to your computer, ensuring maximum performance.