Display Driver Stopped Responding

One common issue faced by Windows users happens when the display driver, which the driver that works with a computer’s video card to create the visual display users see on their monitor, crashed repeatedly. When this happens, users are presented with an error that reads “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered“. Even though the […]

Fix Windows 10 Nvidia driver issues

You’ve done your Windows 10 upgrade, and now your machine is bucking like a bronco with screen flickers and in some cases crashes, even after a reboot. You’ve tracked it down to the Nvidia driver, but installing a fresh driver from Nvidia doesn’t solve the issue. What in the Sam Hill is this new wonderfulness, […]

View a Device’s Status in Windows Device Manager

For many people, when they encounter a problem with their computer, the first thing that springs to mind is that the computer is broken and it needs to be replaced. Well, we are telling you now that this is almost never the case. In fact, most problems with the computer are down to problems with […]

Device Manager Errors Explained

Is a device on your computer not working? Well; your first port of call would be to go to the device manager and find out exactly why. If there is truly an issue with that device then it is likely you will be given a ‘Device Manager Error Code‘. This will simply be a number. […]

How to View a Device’s Status in Windows

If you ever have a problem with any hardware on your computer then your first port of call should always be working with the device manager. Not only will this give you information on what could potentially be causing the problem (this is known as a device error code) but it will also enable you […]

Why You Need Daily Computer Maintenance

If you want to keep your computer in tip top condition then it is vital that you engage in regular computer maintenance. Not just on a weekly or monthly basis either. You are going to want to do it on a daily basis. Let us explain why. Most Computer Problems Are Preventable Very few people […]

Update ATI Graphics Card Drivers

How to Find and Install ATI Graphics Drivers and Driver Updates If you have an ATI Graphics Card then it is important that you update the drivers on a regular basis. You will learn exactly how to on this page. Firstly though, it is worth covering exactly why they have to be updated. What are […]

Tips for Keeping Your PC Healthy

Just like you, your PC needs to be kept as healthy as possible. If you fail to give it the love and attention that it deserves then pretty soon you will have a computer that runs slow and sluggish. You may even find that files start to become corrupted, or you may even run out […]

Update Canon Drivers

How to Find and Install Canon Drivers and Driver Updates Canon, a Japanese company, are one of the largest producers of imaging and optical products in the world. They have a plethora of products in their range from printers to cameras which can be hooked up to your computer. In order to get them working […]

Causes of PC Slowdowns and How to Speed up Your PC

As applications are used and installed, PCs usually slow down. Hard drives fill up with temporary files when you use games, spreadsheets, the Internet, work processing, or other programs. When these files are no longer needed, they rarely get removed. This is just one of the more common ways in which PCs are slowed down. […]