Why You Need Daily Computer Maintenance

If you want to keep your computer in tip top condition then it is vital that you engage in regular computer maintenance. Not just on a weekly or monthly basis either. You are going to want to do it on a daily basis. Let us explain why. Most Computer Problems Are Preventable Very few people […]

Update ATI Graphics Card Drivers

How to Find and Install ATI Graphics Drivers and Driver Updates If you have an ATI Graphics Card then it is important that you update the drivers on a regular basis. You will learn exactly how to on this page. Firstly though, it is worth covering exactly why they have to be updated. What are […]

Tips for Keeping Your PC Healthy

Just like you, your PC needs to be kept as healthy as possible. If you fail to give it the love and attention that it deserves then pretty soon you will have a computer that runs slow and sluggish. You may even find that files start to become corrupted, or you may even run out […]

Update Canon Drivers

How to Find and Install Canon Drivers and Driver Updates Canon, a Japanese company, are one of the largest producers of imaging and optical products in the world. They have a plethora of products in their range from printers to cameras which can be hooked up to your computer. In order to get them working […]

Causes of PC Slowdowns and How to Speed up Your PC

As applications are used and installed, PCs usually slow down. Hard drives fill up with temporary files when you use games, spreadsheets, the Internet, work processing, or other programs. When these files are no longer needed, they rarely get removed. This is just one of the more common ways in which PCs are slowed down. […]

Fix Missing Device Driver

There is nothing worse than a ‘missing driver or unknown device’ error message on your computer. When this message appears it means that something is not functioning as it should do within your computer. You are therefore going to need to fix it as soon as you can! On this page we want to run […]

Update Intel Drivers

How to Find and Install Intel Drivers and Driver Updates Does your computer seem be throwing up errors from time to time? Is the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ becoming a more common occurrence than the normal Windows screen? Well, there is a good chance that you may need to update the drivers on your computer. […]

Speed Up your Slow PC – Fix Performance Problems

Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than a computer that is running sluggish. In this day and age, more and more of us are spending hours upon hours on the computer. It can be quite cumbersome having to wait ages for something to load. Thankfully, the vast majority of ‘slowness’ problems can be dealt […]

Fix Sound Card Problems

Most Sound Card Problems are often due to audio / sound driver problems. There are very few computer users out there who have not had sound problems on their computer before. Thankfully, the majority of these cases clear up pretty quickly. If your sound is causing you problems and you do not know how to […]

Fix Blue Screen Errors

There is not a windows user alive who has not encountered that dreaded ‘blue screen of death’ at least once. We are sure you know the one. The screen turns completely blue and some weird message, incomprehensible to even the most well-versed in computer technology pops up on that screen. The only way to deal […]